Bald Eagle

Cape May Hawkwatch – November 12th

The standout day this week was without a doubt Friday November 8th. It was a classic fall day in Cape May; brisk northerly winds and cool temperatures. The kind of weather all hawkwatchers look for in the forecast and circle on their calendars. The birds did not disappoint either! Diversity…...

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Cape May Hawkwatch Update – October 23rd

This week produced a dramatic mix of flights depending on the weather. Friday October 18th saw our biggest flight of the week. After tropical storm strength wind gusts on Thursday the wind died down and remained out the NW on Friday. The raptors were not far behind. Ospreys and Sharp-shinned…...

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Cape May Hawkwatch Update – October 16

Another week in the books for this fall season. The standout flight this week was Thursday October 10th.  Although the forecast of seasonably warm temperatures coupled with a light northerly breeze did not look promising for a large flight to materialize, we were all pleasantly surprised. It was a fantastic…...

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Montclair Hawkwatch Update- September 26th

This past week at Montclair Hawkwatch has been great for seeing raptors, as well as a variety of other migrants. On the 22nd and 23rd, warm weather with limited winds increased all insect activity, including that of butterflies. Some monarchs flew southward mere inches above the platform, while others flew…...

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Petty’s Bald Eagle

Most of us in New Jersey are familiar with the story of the infamous bounce-back of the Bald Eagle: There was only one known Bald Eagle nest in New Jersey in 1973, now in 2019 the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection states that there are 204 nests. We hear…...

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Eagles Are Back

We were on Rt 47 southbound to attend an 11:00 am meeting in Cape May.  The car consisted of wife Linda and myself. “Bald Eagle,” she announced. Following the line of her sight, I immediately saw the adult perched on the tree-line. Two hours later on our return trip we spotted two more, both…...

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