red-tailed hawk

Cape May Hawkwatch End of Season Update – November 30th

Where did the season go? Hard to believe that the 2019 fall season is already over. Those three months flew by! Stay tuned to the end of this post for full season totals and stats. The last chunk of November turned out to be fantastic. For the first time all…...

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Montclair Hawkwatch Update- November 14th

This week at the hawkwatch was notable in regard to non-raptor species. On the 8th, following the previous week’s trend, large numbers of Brants migrated overhead, with the day’s count adding up to 355 individuals. Over 700 Canada Geese passed over as well. Although the 13th brought additional numbers of…...

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Montclair Hawkwatch Update- October 31st

The weather on the majority of the days this week has not been conducive to raptor migration observation. From Tuesday the 29th through Thursday the 31st, slow winds from the southeast and high humidity were present along with thick, low fogs. During the most foggy hours of these days, the…...

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Montclair Hawkwatch Update – September 19th

Fall migration data collection at the Montclair Hawkwatch began on September 1st, and over the course of the past two weeks, raptor migration activity has steadily been ramping up. On the 1st, two eager Broad-winged Hawks flew southward, leading the charge for future migrants. Until the end of the first…...

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