Birding Cape May Point – January 16, 2021

Leaders: Kathy Horn and Bernie Hodgdon

Temp: 43° F

Winds: W 5-15 mph

Weather Conditions: mostly cloudy

The variety of ducks at the State Park is always good in the winter and we got great, close looks at them on the numerous ponds. Less common in winter is seeing so many lingering Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets but there is plenty of open water so they’re having no trouble finding food so far. It’s always a pleasure to see our native Tundra Swans as wintering visitors and this morning we were especially lucky to hear them calling several times, making the whistling call for which they were previously named.


31 species

Canada Goose40
Mute Swan21
Tundra Swan8
Northern Shoveler12
American Wigeon35
American Black Duck13
Northern Pintail14
Ring-necked Duck5
Hooded Merganser2
Mourning Dove3
American Coot32
Herring Gull2
Great Black-backed Gull17
Great Blue Heron1
Great Egret3
Black Vulture1
Turkey Vulture2
Bald Eagle1
Northern Flicker1
American Crow2
Carolina Chickadee2
Carolina Wren6
American Robin9
White-throated Sparrow8
Song Sparrow4
Swamp Sparrow2
Yellow-rumped Warbler15
Northern Cardinal5
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