New Jersey Audubon Supports a Sustainable Future

New Jersey Audubon Supports a Sustainable Future

Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is a benefit for both wildlife and people.


Bernardsville, NJ – June 28, 2023:  New Jersey Audubon recognizes that climate change threatens both wildlife and people.  To reduce this threat, we support development of renewable energy sources, including wind and solar.  However, our support is not unconditional.  We insist on environmentally responsible development that minimizes impacts to wildlife and habitats.  New Jersey Audubon is working with partners to understand trade-offs and to create a sustainable future.

In 2018, New Jersey Audubon contributed to an impact assessment for wind turbines proposed to operate about 3 miles offshore of Atlantic City.  This research highlighted unacceptable risks to migrating birds and drove recommendations that wind turbines should be sited much farther out to sea.  The permit for this offshore wind energy project was denied by the NJ Board of Public Utilities.

Our attention goes beyond birds.  We are also concerned about fatalities of marine mammals and are engaging with experts to understand potential causes. To date, we have not seen credible research linking offshore wind development activities to marine mammal deaths. This does not reduce our concern for these creatures, rather it increases our desire to understand the true causes and work to minimize risk of impacts.

“New Jersey Audubon exists to support a sustainable future for wildlife and people.  In our view, a sustainable future includes reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a thriving environment.” said Alex Ireland, PhD, President & CEO, NJ Audubon “Offshore wind is a viable pathway to responsibly meeting energy needs in New Jersey.  This will require strong regulatory frameworks and scientific monitoring of potential wildlife impacts.  As a conservation leader in our state, we are deeply vested and engaged.  We will continue to collaborate and ask the tough questions to help New Jersey navigate a safe and sustainable path for all people and wildlife.”

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