NJ Audubon Wattles Stewardship Center Recognized as a NJ Sustainable Business

New Jersey has its share of environmental issues, however, more and more businesses across New Jersey are implementing sustainable environmentally friendly business practices in an effort to reduce or mitigate these impacts.  Through these conservation and sustainable business practices and/or projects, these entities not only help the environment but by sharing their successes they inspire other businesses to embrace and adapt environmentally responsible practices and teach others to do the same.  Though the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry, the New Jersey Audubon Wattles Stewardship Center located in Port Murray, New Jersey, has become the first NJ Audubon Center to be recognized as a New Jersey Sustainable Business.

The New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry is an internet site where businesses that have implemented certain environmentally conscious business practices, such as energy savings, habitat restoration, waste reduction, water savings, etc. can register their achievements and be recognized.

A former In-ground swimming pool was converted to a fully functional vernal pool at the NJ Audubon Wattles Stewardship Center. Photo by John Parke

The New Jersey Wattles Stewardship Center achieved recognition through its implementation of multiple habitat restoration projects at the site, as well as, energy-star upgrades to its building.  “The Wattles Center at NJ Audubon is pleased to be a part of the NJ Sustainable Business Registry,’ said John Parke, NJA Stewardship Project Director. “Given New Jersey Audubon’s expanding efforts to educate corporations about sustainability and conservation through participation in our Corporate Stewardship Council (CSC), obtaining a listing in the registry is great way to communicate by example how an organization can do its part to make NJ a better place for people and wildlife.”