Birding Cape May Point – February 6, 2021

Leaders: Kathy Horn

Temp: 42° F

Winds: SW 10-15 mph

Weather Conditions: Sunny

The Point was quite birdy this morning with lots of feeding robins, house finches and cedar waxwings. A seed pile along Lighthouse Avenue is drawing lots of sparrows, among which was a Tree Sparrow and a Fox Sparrow. The biggest surprise of the walk though was a young Mute Swan walking up the center line of the road! It eventually waddled off the road, heading toward Lighthouse Pond.

49 species

Canada Goose14
Mute Swan6
Tundra Swan1
Northern Shoveler2
Northern Pintail4
Ring-necked Duck4
Long-tailed Duck4
Hooded Merganser1
Common Merganser1
Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon)6
Mourning Dove12
American Coot6
Ring-billed Gull1
Herring Gull7
Great Black-backed Gull3
Red-throated Loon2
Northern Gannet6
Great Blue Heron2
Great Egret2
Black Vulture3
Turkey Vulture4
Northern Harrier1
Red-shouldered Hawk1
Downy Woodpecker2
Northern Flicker2
Blue Jay1
Carolina Chickadee7
Red-breasted Nuthatch1
Carolina Wren5
European Starling45
Northern Mockingbird4
Hermit Thrush1
American Robin150
Cedar Waxwing9
House Sparrow7
House Finch9
American Goldfinch1
Fox Sparrow1
Dark-eyed Junco8
White-throated Sparrow12
Song Sparrow1
Red-winged Blackbird8
Common Grackle5
Yellow-rumped Warbler7
Northern Cardinal8


Cedar Waxwing photo by Kathy Horn

juvenile Mute Swan photo by Kathy Horn

juvenile Mute Swan photo by Kathy Horn

New Jersey Audubon