An Interview with Intern Chloe Selover

NJ Audubon (NJA):  What college/degree program are you in?

Chloe (CS): Muhlenberg College, History major, and Environmental Science minor, 7-12 Education Certification, Expected graduation December 2022

NJA:  How did you become interested in working in this field?

CS:  My parents were instrumental in encouraging me to be curious about nature. I found myself jumping at the opportunity to teach others about animals and the environment; so, I naturally gravitated towards education and environmental outreach.

NJA:  What are your career goals?

CS:  I am aiming to work teaching history and environmental science at the middle school or high school level.

Chloe Selover

NJA:  What was the internship at the Nature Center of Cape May?

CS:  I’ve volunteered and interned at the Nature Center for the last 4 years and I have done a bit of everything! I have helped with animal care and led family programs. However, most of my time has been spent as the Teacher Naturalist for the 5-6-year-olds in summer camp fostering curiosity and a love of nature.

NJA:  What were some of the interesting experiences you had during your internship?

CS:  During Summer 2020, I cared for our resident octopus, who proved to be a bit of a handful. Working with the octopus left me with a deep appreciation for how smart and crafty they can be.

NJA:  What did you hope to learn as part of this internship?

CS:  When I originally applied as a senior in high school, I hoped that this internship would give me invaluable experience working with kids and teach me how to develop interesting lessons that excite students.

NJA:  How did this internship benefit you?

CS:  I am leaving my internship at the Nature Center armed with creative problem-solving skills and more flexibility in my thinking, which will serve me well in any job but will be critical working in education.