Birding Cape May Point – July 24, 2021

Leaders:  Kathy Horn, Roger Horn, Bernie Hodgdon

Temp: 74 °F

Winds:  W 5-10 mph

Weather Conditions: partly cloudy

With lower humidity and cooler temperatures, it was a really pleasant morning for birding at the State Park. Aside from that, it was birdy! Black-bellied Whistling Ducks, now rare but regular in our area, were tucked into the 2nd plover pond amidst all the Mallards but hard to miss with their bright pink bills and big white eyerings. Least Tern chicks are getting a little easier to find in their sandy nesting area since they’re just a bit bigger and moving around more; they’re still awfully cute and fluffy. We saw four Green Herons putting on a show, some in flight, some hunting the edge of the ponds. And at this time of year, you are always within earshot of Indigo Buntings and Purple Martins.

50 species

Black-bellied Whistling-Duck4
Canada Goose9
Mute Swan95
Wild Turkey1
Mourning Dove11
Chimney Swift1
American Oystercatcher5
Least Sandpiper11
Semipalmated Sandpiper15
Short-billed Dowitcher11
Lesser Yellowlegs1
Laughing Gull12
Herring Gull (American)5
Great Black-backed Gull34
Least Tern44
Common Tern2
Forster’s Tern15
Royal Tern1
Double-crested Cormorant1
Great Blue Heron (Blue form)1
Great Egret3
Snowy Egret1
Green Heron4
Turkey Vulture2
Osprey (carolinensis)4
Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted)1
Great Crested Flycatcher2
Eastern Kingbird2
White-eyed Vireo1
American Crow5
Fish Crow3
Carolina Chickadee2
Purple Martin60
Tree Swallow16
Barn Swallow (American)8
Carolina Wren (Northern)8
European Starling5
Northern Mockingbird3
American Robin3
House Finch1
American Goldfinch3
Field Sparrow4
Red-winged Blackbird (Red-winged)18
Common Grackle2
Common Yellowthroat7
Yellow Warbler (Northern)2
Northern Cardinal6
Indigo Bunting3


Black-bellied Whistling-Duck photo by Kathy Horn

Great Crested Flycatcher photo by Kathy Horn

Green Heron photo by Kathy Horn

New Jersey Audubon