New Podcast — Coffee At New Jersey Audubon: Conservation Conversation

Join Eric Stiles, President and CEO of New Jersey Audubon, and host Mike Skagerlind, in a series of monthly conversations discussing the issues at the heart of New Jersey Audubon’s conservation mission.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 8: Natural Leaders

Ashley Rey, the youngest ever Chair of the New Jersey Audubon Board of Directors, discusses conservation leadership as the Millennial and Gen Z generations become increasingly influential.

Episode 7: A Conversation With Olivia Glenn

Olivia Glenn, the Director of the Parks and Forestry Division of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, explains how the Garden State’s natural and historic gems anchor all New Jerseyans with a sense of place and belonging.

Episode 6: The Atlantic Flyway

Dr. David Mizrahi, a leading expert on migratory birds and VP of Research and Monitoring at New Jersey Audubon, in conversation on shorebird conservation, the relationship between the Horseshoe crab and the Red knot, and the busy avian flight path that is the Atlantic Flyway.

Episode 5: Outside In

Kelly Wenzel and Brendan Schaffer sit down with Eric and Mike and give us their Top Ten Tips on staying close to nature during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Episode 4: Children Of Nature

Dale Rosselet sits down with Eric and Mike and tells us why reconnecting kids to nature is so vital, and why outdoor kids are the future of both our environment and our society.

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Episode 3: For the Forest and the Trees

John Cecil joins Eric and Mike to explain why New Jersey’s forests and woodlands are middle-aged, how their structure and function interact, and why they are so important to humans as well as wildlife. 


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Episode 2: Farming The Wind

Eric and Mike discuss New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s recently announced goals for creating 7500 Megawatts of wind-generated power off the New Jersey coastline, what it means for local wildlife, as well as the concept of the Negawatt.

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Episode 1: Canaries In The Coal Mine

Eric and Mike discuss the North American bird loss crisis, how New Jerseyans can help fight back, and reasons for hope.

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Three billion North American birds have vanished since 1970

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