Fall Festival Wrap-up

Ways to Give

This past weekend, October 19th – 21st, the Cape May Bird Observatory hosted the annual New Jersey Audubon Fall Festival, a celebration of all things migration. Our team had the pleasure of setting up a display at the Cape May Convention Hall, where we were fortunate to meet hundreds of visitors and share the magic of the monarchs.

Two chrysalises emerged during the festival weekend! As usual, this happened when no one was watching

If you missed our tagging demonstrations and are still looking to see the process in action, this upcoming week (10/22 – 10/25) will be our final week of Triangle Park drop in days. Come to Triangle Park at 1:00 PM Monday through Thursday to send off the final waves of monarchs down to Mexico.  Triangle Park is located at the junction of Lighthouse and Coral Avenues in Cape May Point.

To those of you we met at the festival, thank you for stopping by. We were very pleased to sell out of milkweed seeds and hear about all of the work being done to promote monarch conservation, from gardeners with milkweed patches and nectar sources, to educators who bring caterpillars into their classrooms everyday. Our project relies on folks like you who are truly making a positive impact on the monarchs. We hope to see you at the festival next year!