The Peach Jays World Series of Birding Team Highlight

Our team is a family affair! It consists of myself (29), my cousin Matthew (27), and my brother PJ (27). We are relatively new to birding. We started in earnest last summer and it has taken over our lives! We’ve done trips to Cape May and Florida and try to get out as often as possible. The birding passion actually led my cousin Matthew to quit his job in business and he recently started a new career at the Bronx Zoo!

We know we’re less experienced than some of the other teams out there, but we’re going to give it our best shot! The day is going to start in the Great Swamp at midnight. Then we plan to head to High Point and work our way down to Cape May throughout the day. We have stops planned at Wallkill River, the Meadowlands, and Belleplain State Forest. We’ve been counting down the days until our first World Series and cannot wait to get out there!