A Night for Moths!

As part of National Moth Week, we held an evening event on July 24th along the Ryan De Witt Memorial Trail at the Northwood Center. We were delighted, not only in the turnout of moths at our mercury lights and blacklight, but also by the turnout of interested people.

The star of the night was the female Luna Moth that we watched fly in and eventually settle on our sheet.

Among the cadre of beetles, leafhoppers, cicada killers, and caddis flies, we encountered over 30 moth species, ranging in size from tiny (less than 1/4 inch) to the large Luna Moth (over 3 inches). Included below is a list of moth species recorded and links to photos on the Moth Photographers Group website (provided by Sam Galick). The variety in size and color is amazing (as are some of the names!) – and this is only a small sampling of what is possible in Southern NJ. All it takes is a light on at night to attract moths – check it out and let us know what you come up with!Thanks to Jessica Schera-Scullion, Sam Galick, and Dustin Welch for all their efforts in making this an educational and enjoyable night for all!

Celery Leaftier
Small Necklace
Garden Tortrix
Common Tan Wave
Mottled Grass Veneer

Hallow-spotted Angle
Red-banded Leafroller
Juniper Geometer
Common ‘Pug’ Eupithecia

Orange-headed Epicallima
Suzuki Promolactis
Dark-spotted Palthis
Heterocampa sp.
Dusky Groundling
Alianthus Webworm
Black-marked Inga
Clemens’ Grass Tubeworm
Kermes Scale Moth
Juniper Budworm
Clemen’s Bark Moth
Chalcedony Midget
Larisa subsolana
Schlaeger’s Fruitworm Moth
Reticulated Fruitworm Moth
Maple Looper